I Want To Help

Looking to help?
Read more below on ways to get involved and to sign up!

Ways You Can Help

There are many ways to help get involved with The Astoria Mutual Aid Network and our partner mutual aid organizations. Volunteer opportunities could include:

  1. Food retrieval + delivery using bikes or cars
  2. Picking up groceries/medications
  3. Translation
  4. Operations, Communications, & Admin

& many more!

Specific volunteer opportunities can be found through our Whatsapp & Slack channels via various working groups. Working groups are volunteer driven, open ended, and focused on specific goals. Once you sign up as a volunteer, you’ll receive a link to join AMANs Slack workspace as well as our Whatsapp group for greater community collaboration - this is where our working groups work! In addition to working groups, we send out volunteer opportunities weekly in our newsletter. The sky is the limit, if an initiative does not exist and you want to start one? We’ve got your back!

You can also reach out directly to our partnering mutual aid organizations: The Astoria Food Pantry, Free Store Astoria, The Rolling Library

Questions? Contact: