About Health Insurance

February 22, 2021

Get health insurance during open enrollment through NY State of Health.

Open enrollment ends on March 31, 2021.

What is NY State of Health?

Where qualifying New Yorkers can get health insurance. New Yorkers can get financial assistance with coverage here, too.

What is open enrollment?

When anyone who qualifies can get health insurance through NY State of Health. This year’s open enrollment is extended through March 31, 2021. NOTE: You can enroll at any time if you become eligible for public programs (Medicaid, the Essential Plan, or Child Health Plus), or if you experience a major life event such as job loss or divorce.

Where can you get insurance?

To get insurance through the Marketplace, you must live in New York and be a U.S. citizen, national or lawfully present immigrant. Undocumented residents CAN qualify for some form of Medicaid, the Essential Plan, or private insurance. ALL children regardless of immigration status can qualify for Child Health Plus. Applying for health insurance will NOT affect your immigration status, and your status will NOT be shared with federal agencies. No plan can deny you coverage or charge you more based on your health, pre-existing conditions, or gender.

Where can I enroll?

  • You can enroll online here.
  • Or you may call by phone at 1-855-355-5777. Once there, you can connect with free Marketplace experts who can help you enroll.

When will my coverage start?

  • Enroll by February 15: Coverage starts March 1
  • Enroll March 15: Coverage starts April 1
  • Enroll by March 31: Coverage starts May 1

What types of plans are there?

If you do not qualify for public programs, then you will be able to select coverage from private providers with plans in four levels: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze and Silver plans = lower premiums, higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. Gold and Platinum = higher premiums, lower out-of-pocket costs. You may qualify for federal financial assistance with your premium. Assistance is on a sliding scale and can reduce your premium up to hundreds of dollars.

What types of care are covered?

All marketplace plans cover: doctor’s visits; hospital stays; emergency care; maternity and newborn care; mental health and substance abuse disorder services; prescription drugs; rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices; laboratory services; preventive and wellness services, chronic disease management and pediatric dental and vision. Preventive care such as routine office visits and recommended screenings are free. Some plans include adult dental and vision coverage.

What information will I need to provide to enroll?

  • Social Security or document numbers
  • Birth dates
  • Employer and income information for everyone in your family
  • Policy numbers for any current health insurance
  • Information about any job-related health insurance available to your family.
  • Other information such as number of people in your family, dependents, etc.
Getting insured can be complicated! If you have any questions, visit the NY State of Health website and sign up to speak with a free expert. And if you choose to not enroll for any reason, there is no tax penalty (this mandate ended in 2018). Get insurance in NY: nystateofhealth.ny.gov You do NOT need health insurance to get a COVID-19 test or to receive the vaccine. COVID-19 testing and vaccines are FREE. For more information on getting a COVID-19 vaccine, visit vaccinefinder.nyc.gov. While we hope these resources are useful, we believe that healthcare is a human right. ALL people should be able to receive healthcare regardless of income or affordability. The United States spends more of its GDP than any other major country on healthcare per person, and still has worse health outcomes and higher infant mortality rates. Medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US. We believe in everyone’s right to a life based in respect and dignity, of which health and well-being are integral parts.

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